About me 

Some quick skydiving facts first

Peter Nilsson

From: Sweden

Skydiving since: 1996

Jumps so far: 6000+

Tunnel time: 1000h+ flying


Some notable achievements:

Creator and main organiser of Flajflaj (www.Flajflaj.com)

Several time national gold medalist in artistic freeflying with team Altair (still the highest scoring Swedish team in a major IPC event (Dubai 2012, 8.8))

138-way Headdown formation world record participant (VWR, Chicago 2012)

Several European, Scandinavian, Californian and Swedish big-way records.

Freefly pioneer in both skydiving and tunnel-flying, AFF instructor, canopy coach, and a whole lot of experience from over half my lifetime dedicated to this sport.

Who am I?

On the surface I'm a 40 year old man from southern Sweden 


People say I'm passionate, emphatic, driven, a visionary, a leader, loving and a lot of other nice things. I'd like to believe them of course


I am quite bipolar, with a very intense love for life and some really dark moments mixed in between. The connections I make with others and my ability to better their life experience is what means the most to me, so I keep my focus there, while wondering what we all are doing here on earth, anyway... 

Reach out and get to know me,

I'm generally a friendly creature

Casual fun-jump over Gryttjom, Sweden 2013