I love progression, my own and others. I love to train and I love to teach. I have learned as much from my students as I have been able to teach them, and that aha-moment, when it clicks, it never gets old,

I love it!

- Photo by Jeff Provenzano

The background picture is anything but random. This is Swedish national team Altair, training for a world championship,

in Arizona 2012


Altair consists of Petter Mazzetta, Karl "Kalle" Jensen and myself. My student, Kalle, kept progressing from fresh A-license holder, until we in 2012 managed to complete a 138-way world record formation and then place in the top 8 at the world championships the same year. The moment in this picture holds everything I love about teaching and freefly progression. I will remain a teacher and a student of flying

as long as I can

My approach to teaching

Teaching Skydiving basics, or more advanced flying techniques, vertical or dynamic flying, I like it all.

Becoming comfortable, aware and chasing aha-moments is what it is all about and they are available at all times, regardless or where we are in our progression. I have spent most of my life building a skill-set that I can use to shorten the time my students spend between these moments.


I enjoy individually adapted "one to one" coaching, over a substantial number of jumps. Progressing in skydiving can be a life long journey. It's important to get a good understanding of what is needed to attain optimal progression and to avoid pitfalls early in order to not reinvent the wheel. This lets us maximise enjoyment, avoid frustration and increase the speed of the learning process. I also like coaching small groups and I love assisting teams in their creative process.

Every coach/student relationship is unique, we all learn differently and I enjoy the challenge of adapting to my students. If you are the right student for me and I am the right teacher for you, then I have a lot to give you and I would love to work together!

First official dynamic 4-way competition, The Battle of Bottrop

- Photo by Olga Bakulina

Tunnel-flying vs skydiving

I'm more of a skydiver than a tunnel flyer, if I have to choose. But the wind tunnel is a great tool and a lot of fun on its own. I've been flying a lot indoors and I have taught students for well over 1000 hours


Tunnel-flying and skydiving are similar, yet very different. I enjoy teaching technical skills indoors and assisting in the process of translating these skills to the skydiving environment


I focus on teaching all parts of skydiving as opposed to solely developing a technical Freefly skill-set 

Want to fly?

I am available for coaching a lot during 2019/2020

I love to travel and I'd be happy to work with you at many different DZ's world wide

I will update this page with more specific information about what I can do for you. If you are curious and want some references on me, you can see what my students have to say HERE


Please get in touch and talk to me,

I'd love to hear from you

Let's fly!