For anyone who cares to read it, I want to share some beautiful feedback that I got from my students


This may be a piece of shameless self promotion, but it is connections with people like this that's the reason I am still in the sport after all these years

From Jessica to ToraTora,

October 2019

" I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for what was the most amazing progression week of my skydiving life!!


I came to this camp having never done any freefly jumps and only 8 or so tracking jumps and I have left with a bucket of experiences and so many things to work on. As well as two even more important things


1) I’ve fallen in love with skydiving all over again and I didn’t think it was possible and

2) a renewed sense of confidence which before was a sticking point for me and massively hindered my progression


Peter Nilsson was my coach for the last three days; he is the reason I stayed on and there is a lot I owe to him of my successes over the week. He, for me, is the epitome of what a good coach should be - he is patient, attentive, open and vulnerable as a coach and that makes a huge difference


He has the mindset of “coach first skydiver second” which I believe is crucial when teaching anyone anything. He is first and foremost there for his students and to see people learn and develop. There is no ego or expectation with him, and I cannot stress enough how much of an impact that has on a new skydiver such as myself (I have only been jumping since May and have 120 jumps)


When someone is so inexperienced like me, it’s people like Peter who make a life changing impact on someone when they are coaching. He made things click for me in a way I didn’t think they would. So easily. He challenges himself to find new ways to explain things. He had me sit flying in 2 jumps (albeit a little messy with lots of room for improvement). I’m a relatively nervous jumper and I am the most chilled I have ever been with him.


This is what you need as a coach. When someone has a million things running around in their brains and they need to perform, they need this vibe of calm. To feel “supported” In this. To add to this, I am obsessed with tracking after tracking with him because he made it so flipping effortless!


I am a psychologist and I work with athletes, teams and leaders on their personal growth and development. It’s a HUGE deal when someone can take up this kind of role, provide this sense of containment, ego and pretenses aside, when developing people and their skills, it’s the most sought-after trait you could ever hope for in a coach!


Thank you that I had such an amazing coach like Peter who has genuinely changed my life just through how I feel about my ability in the sky


Thank you, thank you, thank you guys!

/ Jessica

Photo by Paula Zielinski

During 40 jumps, me and Bryan (240 jumps) went from very basic flying, to flying advanced lines in all available positions. I'm very proud of your commitment my friend

From Bryan, Nov 2019

"The easiest way to start this is to say Thank You!


I took more away from this past week than from FlajFlaj or fun jumping with friends and strangers. A lot of people have said to spend the time and money on coach jumps, now I know why. 


The vibe all week was relaxed and chill, making it easy to build a rapport. Came together as strangers and left as friends. The flexibility when creating jumps and how we built on them over the week was nice. It was cool seeing how everything can be linked together over only drilling one thing at a time. The flows helped to lighten the mood and keep things fun while not getting tunnel vision on one specific thing, good or bad


Early morning coffee session de-briefs made it a good way of finding what to focus on for the day and not being stressed about it on the next jump. I felt that the post jump debrief and walkthrough where you asked my thoughts first, made me truly focus and think about the jump. It forced me to sit back and assess what happened from the exit to landing, super helpful and made me more aware of the whole jump


Anything I had to say in a critical sense you've already addressed yourself. That speaks volumes for your character and focus as a coach. I hope you keep coaching 1-on-1, you did a fantastic job over our week and you'll only continue to grow as a coach in that department. I truly appreciate the time and effort you spent on giving me huge building blocks at this point in my experience level. There is so much I was able to take away for my own debriefs, solo jumps, drills, and fun jumps with others 


Looking forward to what I am able to add to my knowledge and skillset during Master-Class in March!


Thank you,